Rhapsody Coming To The iPhoneOh MP3’s where have you gone?  Legally, they have gone to Rhapsody and that is why this particular program as become so popular.  So popular that the iPhone is actually going to be getting an app for it!  The iPhone and iPod Touch are two of the things that can use the newest Rhapsody app and if it gets approved, iPhone and iPod Touch users will have access to all Rhapsodies’ 8-million tracks and all of its radio stations.

The great thing about Rhapsody is the fact that you will be able to create playlists on the fly or if you already have an existing account with Rhapsody, you will be able to sync it to the app … which is awesome!  While Rhapsody To Go will be about $15.00 per month, to me – that is actually pretty cool.

The app itself though will be free and while the only downside seems that you need to be connected to Wi-Fi to get to your songs, the Rhapsody app is definitely anticipated!